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Wet rooms Harrogate

We can transform your bathroom into a stylish wet room without the need of a shower enclosure!

Stylish and practical wet rooms in Harrogate


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Wet rooms, with their sleek lines and minimalist design approach, are fast becoming the most desirable solution for up market shower spaces. Even a small bathroom can become a beautifully modern, luxurious and spacious wet room.

A wet room is a room that is completely tanked, which means the floor and walls are waterproofed to prevent leaking and to allow the entire space to act as a shower area. The floor is tiled and slopes down to a grating which covers the drain. In some cases a minimal glass screen is used to prevent splashing over into other areas - where there might be a basin or a toilet.

What Is A Wet room?

There are many practical reasons to install a wet room, including providing safe showering for the elderly and less able.